Helen Urwin is the creator of Full Potential Branding™ and the founder of Xanobia™ – a business that takes an unconventional approach to delivering exceptional transformation and results.

She has spent more than 25 years travelling the world, working with some of the world’s most iconic brands, alongside some of the world’s most renowned agencies, on projects that have reshaped, reinvigorated and redirected categories and markets. Helen brings all of her varied experiences to bear on each individual project. This enables her to identify similarities, universal themes and specific challenges, making the connections that spark powerful transformations.

Helen has researched, facilitated, taught and inspired. She’s also listened, learned and been inspired. Today she is the leader of an incredible team, bringing together many diverse talents under her unwavering vision and guidance. A team with a shared sense of purpose and a shared belief in a way of working that challenges conventional thinking.

It’s a journey that continues.