There is an art and a science to Full Potential Branding.

Many of the leading tools and techniques in the world have been synthesised, adapted and incorporated into a uniquely powerful model and system.

Simple in principle and diverse in application, Full Potential Branding™ has structure and form, but is never formulaic.  Every project we work on is different, because everyone we work with is different. What doesn’t change is our single-minded focus on creating Powerful Brands, Powerful Leadership and Powerful Cultures.

The starting point can be anywhere on the Brand, Leadership and Culture triangle. Or it can be a combination of factors. What is most important is finding the right starting point for your organisation, wherever that is.




What we do for...


Archetypal Branding - Brand Meaning

  • How do you manage the meaning of your brand?
  • What human desire does your brand truly satisfy?
  • What story are you telling?

In a competitive market place, you have two choices.  Trade on price or imbue your product with meaning.  We know that brands that are truly meaningful to consumers understand and leverage archetypal meaning.

Archetypes are representations of universal desires and motivations brought to life in the rich diversity of characters that populate the stories we have told since the very beginning of time. They are intuitively recognisable and connect with us on an unconscious as well as conscious level.

Archetypal branding provides a system for managing the meaning of brands that directly links to human motivations.

Archetypal stories speak deeply to all of us which means that archetypal branding helps establish a brand identity that will stand the test of time.



Brand Narrative - Forming a Character

  • How well defined is the character of your brand?
  • What point of view does your brand have about the world?
  • How do you retain your brand integrity at the same time as staying relevant?

Using the archetypal system of meaning management, we work with client and agency teams to explore, define and write a coherent and compelling brand narrative, built around the structural components of story.

By working at an archetypal level we are able to define a very clear meaning space for individual brands. By building on this to create a uniquely crafted expression, we establish genuinely powerful positioning.

We run creative workshops that shift mindsets and craft key themes into a written expression that is developed through close collaboration.  The narrative provides a focused and rich source of direction that is taken forward by clients and agencies in many different ways.

The journey that takes a brand from archetype through to narrative is one that connects the universal with the unique, unites both the abstract and the concrete and identifies both the timeless and timely elements of a brand.


Brand Purpose - Intention

  • What difference does your brand make to peoples’ lives?
  • How integral is purpose to your brand?
  • Why does your brand matter?

Of increasing importance to consumers and value to brands is the power of genuine and meaningful purpose in building a brand story that people believe in. Something that looks way beyond superficial cause marketing. Something deep within the heart of a brand.

Brand purpose sets out the difference the brand wants to make in the world and is the authentic intention behind the brand and everything it does; it which must be a natural dimension and not contrived.

We facilitate work sessions with client and agency teams based around our simple purpose principles, which have been developed over many years to provide a fast track to the core of a brand.

Sometimes this is about reconnecting with a purpose that has been dormant within a brand; sometimes it’s about discovering new directions and creating new energies and momentum.  Always it instils the kind of clarity, confidence and commitment that takes teams and brands to new heights.



 Brand Book - Knowledge Management

  • How could you capture the essential knowledge to provide guidance to those who are building your brand’s future?
  • How revered is your brand documentation in your organisation?
  • How does your brand team stay inspired?

Brands aren’t built on bullet points alone and brand stories are only really understood when they’re put into a rich narrative context. We write and design brand books that are read, lingered over, enjoyed and returned to time and again because they are written to do more than take a position, they are written to tell the most important story you’ll ever know.  Your story.

We use the brand narrative as the starting point for a brand book, because we have carefully developed both narrative and book around the same underpinning concept of story. We work with teams to create a unique structure and approach, editing creating and authoring new content.

The work that these books inspire, the teams that they empower and the value that is created as a result are the outcomes by which they should always be judged.

If the depth and knowledge of your brand needs to be captured and deployed powerfully throughout your organisation – this could take your brand understanding to a whole new level.